It’s time to put aside the whiteboard. You tell us what you need to get to the next level in your team or club and we will customise a package for you. You control what you want to see! Now that’s winning!


Take a dive into player and team performance with our post-match analysis. Player and team statistics and edits returned in 72 hours. Game day stats & edits uploaded to you directly

    • Game day player and team statistical totals and averages.
    • Game day opposition player and team statistical totals and averages
    • Up-to-date season player and team statistical totals and averages
    • Detailed game day coaches report as an easy to view PDF

PREMIERDATA Individual Player Analysis

Have you ever wanted your own game professionally analysed? Let us do the work! Send us your game vision, and our analysts will crunch the numbers to provide you with full analytics of your game. You will get:

  • Full statistical breakdown of your game
  • Edited footage of all your involvements in the game (all statistics within report)
  • Dependent on package, customised reports & statistics to suit your needs

PREMIERDATA Highlights Packages Generate Income!

Earn extra sponsorship to pay for your solutions and enter the modern world.
Sponsors don’t want their name on the fence, they want exposure, and there is no better place than social media to reach the masses.
Premier Data will put together your goals, marks and plays of the day or full highlights of the day’s play.
Add sponsor logos and let it go viral on social media. Let players and supporters see the best parts of the day and showcase your club while you see the sponsorship dollars come in.

PREMIERDATA Premiership Reunion Highlights & Statistics Package

Have you got a premiership reunion coming up soon? Let us analyse your Grand Final and provide you with a highlight package to play on the night! We will also provide you with a full statistical report on the game, and you can prove to your teammates that you really WERE the Best on Ground that day!

PREMIERDATA Milestone Celebration Package

Have you celebrated a milestone game recently, or have one coming up? Would you like to turn that milestone into a memory?

Send us the game vision and our analysts will work to review your game and send you full statistical reports, as well as edited highlights packages for you to view.

A milestone game is a day to remember, let us help you re-live it!

Premier Interchange

Interchange provides an accurate ability for coaches and fitness staff to record, manage and track a player’s rotations during a match. This is a critical element when you are monitoring a player’s workload and managing players who may be returning from injury.
You have the ease of setting individual game time, accompanied with set rotations for specific match requirements.
You also have the ability to mirror the software from the coach’s box and the interchange bench. This is a powerful tracking tool for coaches to determine where a player is on the field at any given time.

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