statistics & video Analysis - V3.0 

Our statistical and video analysis features are a one stop destination that meets every need a coach will have. From in depth statistics reports that can be broken down into individual quarters to video filtering capabilities to view a specific section during the game. We have it all and more. 

Comprehensive Match Reports

  • We provide a full statistics breakdown with seven different match reports that cater towards every stat that coaches will ever need that can also be analysed further by going into individual quarter analysis.
  • This means there's 90 different team statistics that can be viewed across 35 unique reports. 

Coach's Home Page

  • A user friendly home page for coaches to view a snapshot of all their players in one spot. Players can be allocated into their respective positions to allow easy viewing, especially for line coaches.

Leaderboards & Rankings

  • See the best players in the league - Our leaderboards page contains over 60+ different statistics to see who the top 10 performing players for that particular stat across the entire league
  • See the best performing clubs - View where each club is ranked across the league for the same 60+ statistics

Advanced Editing Capabilities

  • Dive deep into your game and watch any moment during the match with our advanced editing tool. Our timeline shows every single statistic that has been coded for both teams (2,800+ individual stat moments)
  • Want to view a particular player's midfield clearances in the 3rd quarter? Our in depth filtering system allows you to do just that - View any stat for any player, anywhere on the ground, at any time of the game. All at the click of a button

Pre Generated Edits

  • Our pre generated video edits for all goals throughout the game and every player from both teams makes it easier for coaches to conduct their reviews, whether it be post match, opposition or indiviudal player reviews

Advanced Player Profile

  • Players will now be able to view their entire playing career with all matches, stats and vision being accessible to view. 
  • Our new benchmarking capabilities can instantly show how each player measures up to players in the same positions across the entire league

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